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During my thirty five year career in the caring profession, I have worked in various roles in clinical psychology, university lecturing and psychotherapy. My work as a lecturer has provided me with the opportunity to lead seminars in over thirty countries worldwide.

I encourage all those I work with to become more aware of their capacity to change and fulfill their life's potential, whatever their circumstances.

I am based in London but work international through online Skype based sessions with supporting email, audio recorded and written material if you are not based in London.

My work focuses on helping and supporting people who are seeking to:

Master the process of transition and change to understand the 'why' of their life so the 'how' can easily flow into place

Explore and effectively work with relationships issues, anger, stress, anxiety and burnout as well as loss, transitions and change

For those who wish to work with me I offer one to one sessions from the comfort of your home where we explore and reflect on your life to create a new path for your future.

My approach is respectful, gentle and compassionate, whilst firmly holding the focus of the work. Here on my website you can explore my books, free current articles and audio books, as well as my programme of talk/discussions - seminars and workshops .

2017 UP-DATE - One to one sessions and Audio Recordings

CURRENT one to one sessions


As you know, after a relationship ends you can either grow from the experience or endlessly repeat a destructive pattern. My series 'Rebuilding When a Relationship Ends' will assist you in creating a new future, free from the destructive habits of your past.
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We explore the key nature and factors of these powerful emotional reactions as part of life transitions and moving forward to next unfolding stages of our life.

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Naturally, as we pass through each stage there may be difficult periods of transition where we have the opportunity to learn and mature at that stage in the process. I have worked with people to acknowledge and work through the all important issues which each successive stage puts forward so we can lead a clear human as well as energetic expression.

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