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Here is the current listing which is being constantly updated of the following talks, seminars and workshops that I am offering for the 2016 and into 2017. To help you navigate your way through the section of the website here are links to each of the listings of events.

TALKS - There are a diverse set of topics which I shall be talking about both here in the UK as well as at venues internationally and here you can read about the titles and content ranging from my family and the suffragette movement to my work with people in life transformation and transitions which is at the core of my current work with people on an individual and group basis.

SEMINARS - I have expanded over the past few years on the subjects of seminars and am now including a series of training seminars and workshops for those qualified to extend the range of services which they offer.

Each seminar title relates to the main focus of my work on the area of life transitions and personal transformation.

WORKSHOPS - There are a series of workshops which again relate to the main focus of my work in the area of life transitions and personal transformation.

In addition to the traditional workshop format I am also incorporating elements of the virtual one to one sessions and have created webinar based workshops and support groups and sessions.



To make our planning life easier we offer a series of discounts for seminars and workshop if you book more than one event at the same time. Discount details in each event listing below. For example : book to attend two seminars or talks or attend a seminar and then book for a workshop or one to one sessions with Steven you will receive a generous discount.


February 2016. We are currently putting the programme together. If you would like to be the first to be up-dated once the events and dates are in place then please send me an email to




Friday 12th June 2015

R.D.LAING "Asylum" Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Venue Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, Bow, London E3 3HJ 6.30 to 10pm

Celebrating 50 years since the start of the radical therapeutic Philadelphia Association community at Kingsley Hall

Both influential and infamous, psychiatrist R.D. Laing’s critique of conventional psychiatric treatments gained significant visibility and attention in the 1960’s and 70’s. His passionate voice drew attention to the dehumanising psychiatric treatment of vulnerable patients and generated an intellectual and cultural polemic reaching far beyond the psychiatric community. His experimental and alternative therapeutic communities - where the distinction between patient and therapist was dropped - were the source of both criticism and inspiration.

Filmed by Peter Robinson, Asylum documents their experiences at the Archway Community in North London. The evening will involve a screening of the film, followed by a panel discussion, joined by Adrian Laing, R.D. Laing’s son and author of 'R.D. Laing: A Life', Dr. Schatzman and Francis Gillett a former Kingsley Hall and the Archway community resident.

Dr. Morton Schatzman is an American medical doctor and psychiatrist, who came to London in 1967 to work with RD Laing and the Philadelphia Association. He lived at Kingsley Hall with his wife Vivien for a year starting in January 1968 and ending in December. In 1970 he founded the Arbours Association a London-based charity set up to provide psychotherapy and places to live for people in severe emotional distress. Some of these people might otherwise have been in mental hospitals. Arbours also has a training programme for psychotherapists. Dr. Schatzman is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Arbours. He is the author of two books 'Soul Murder: Persecution in the Family' and the 'Story of Ruth', as well as many articles. He works in private practice as a psychotherapist.

Getting there:
Tube: Bromley By Bow, DLR Bow Church
Buses: 25,8,108,S2

Venue: Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, London, E3 3HJ

Time: Arrive 6.30pm Screening begins 7pm

Cost: By donation.

Rebecca Greenslade E:

Nat Fonnesu E:

Organised in collaboration with Friends of East End Loonies, R.D. Laing in the 21st Century Reading Group and Kingsley Hall. Supported by Claremont Project.

7th June 2015

R.D. LAING 50 with Luke Fowler + Dr Leon Redler + Dr Joseph Berke + The Bohman Brothers + I LOVE them, for they are my Friends

7th June at 8pm - Tickets sold out Venue Cafe OTO 18-22 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL

The Philadelphia Association was founded in 1965 by psychiatrist R.D. Laing, Dr Leon Redler, Dr Joseph Berke and a number of other psychiatrists, to challenge accepted ways of understanding and treating mental and emotional suffering.

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Philadelphia Association’s residency at Kingsley Hall in London's East End, R.D. LAING 50 will explore some of their radical approaches to "anti"/psychiatry through conversation, film, and music. By unfolding this "soft" historiography of the Association's work, we can hopefully better contextualise its lasting impact on a diverse range of fields, as well as add something to our received history of the time.

The evening will bring together practitioners from Kingsley Hall, and artists who have researched and been inspired by its specific time/space. The event is curated by musician Dee Sada.

“For people who had been diagnosed as being psychotic and hospitalised, but who found psychiatric treatment unhelpful or harmful, or for people who likely would be diagnosed as psychotic and hospitalised if they found themselves in a medical/psychiatric context, Laing and colleagues wanted to offer the possibility of a place where they could live with others and be safe from unwanted treatment (in all senses).

Such a place might be a place for communal and collective research into the understanding of severe sufferings of the soul, or psyche, and/or damaged sense of one’s own being and relatedness to others, without that being ‘medicalised’ and ‘treated’ by means of conventional psychiatry.

If actualised, and this is what at least some hoped might happen at Kingsely Hall, that could offer the possibility of fresh ways of understanding self and others and coming to discover who one was and wasn’t…when the conventions of psychiatry and society were put in question and not privileged.

50 years later, I’m an old man and have tried to honour the spirit of that research into the origins of suffering and responsible responses to suffering…in self and others. I remain a perpetual beginner….which may be both too modest and too grand a claim.”

Dr Leon Redler, March 2015

"My life at KH was lively, enlightening, exhausting, difficult, infuriating and productive. This is not just because of my involvement with Mary Barnes, but because I was part of a continually changing community which revolved around a charismatic leader, Ronnie Laing.

It was a very creative period which developed new ways of relating to very disturbed and disturbing people (especially the non designated patients living at KH, the therapists and artists), the use of psychedelic drugs ( at that time completely legal) , exploring political and social systems (particularly through the New Left Review magazine), meeting all manner of avant-garde artists, philosophers, musicians, and cranks, and organizing the Dialectics of Liberation" Conference ( July 1967, at the Roundhouse).
Dr Joseph Berke, March 2015


Over 200 people attended this event and there will be more discussion coming very soon from the team who created Dee Sada and Nat Fonnesu

9th August 2014 Saturday Toynbee Hall


I shall be talking at 12.45 to 1.30pm

"A Suffragette in the Family - fascinating stories from descendants of East London Suffragettes".

A free day of talks, workshops and performances about history, equality and east London. Learn about the radical East London Federation of Suffragettes and their leader Sylvia Pankhurst.

In Association with Feminist Review Trust and East End Community Foundation. Money raised from today's event donated to Newham Action Against Domestic Violence

23rd September Tuesday Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, Bow London E3 3HJ



I have been invited to attend as a descendent of a suffragette family and this evening I shall begin by talking about my Great Aunt and Uncle, Nellie and George Cressall and their fight for women and working men's right to vote as well as talking about their contribution to the Poplar Rates Revolt.

More information please follow this link to the dedicated Facebook Page.

Kingsley Hall was an institution founded by Muriel Lester, with her sister Doris, which has roots going back to 1912 when the sisters ran a nursery for local children.

Over the years the nursery would expand and become a 'People's House' where local residents could study, worship and enjoy social events.
Muriel and Doris named Kingsley Hall, after their brother who had died young. It is still a working community centre that caters for local youth and women's groups and hosts activities such as dancing and tai-chi. "It's a building owned by, and for, the local community," says David. Gandhi's bed Where Gandhi slept in Kingsley Hall 1931

Today, Kingsley Hall is best known for Gandhi's three month residence in 1931 while he was attending a major London conference on the future of India. People still come from all over the world to visit Kingsley Hall because of this connection – most recently the son of Gandhi's secretary was shown around.



This one day workshop is based on the core elements which compose the focus on caring in our lives beginning with learning to create and sustain that all important connection with Our True Self.

HOW? First we explore the WHY. Why we are driven and in what direction through the all important transitions in our life. The meaning which becomes clear once we remove the blocks which either we create or we allow others to impose on us be these roles, false aspirations.

We will also explore my spiritual philosophy of Dynamic Cognition and The DC Effect as an approach to both deepening and SUSTAINING our inner connection with TRUE SELF.

Steven Paul Warren has over thirty five years of clinical experience and nearly sixty years of personal experience which composes the foundation of the insights he shares in his writing and recording. In today's workshop you are invited to explore your own personal insights to date. Reflect using accessible tools and approaches to expand your sustained connection with True Self Expression in all areas of your life.

This was last years, 2015 programme and, due to unprecedented demand, I shall be offering more two day workshops both here in the UK as well as internationally.

My colleagues and I are currently finalising the workshop programme and all will be in place at the end of February 2016.



Date(s) Location Booking
Saturday 12th September 2015 FULLY BOOKED


Online via Pay Pal
Sunday 13th September


Online via Pay Pal
Saturday 26th September 2015 FULLY BOOKED Harlow, Essex Online via Pay Pal
Sunday 27th September 2015 FULLY BOOKED Harlow, Essex Online via Pay Pal
Saturday 7th November 2015 FULLY BOOKED EXETER, DEVON Online via Pay Pal
Sunday 8th November 2015 FULLY BOOKED EXETER, DEVON Online via Pay Pal





February 2016. We are currently putting the programme together. If you would like to be the first to be up-dated once the events and dates are in place then please send me an email to





The new series of seminars for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016 is currently being finalised and details will be in place with titles, costs, locations and of course all important content in a couple of days time.

Title Location Booking
The Power of Caring in Our Lives

Valetta, Malta

12th and 13th September 2015

This seminar is fully booked.


Since I qualified in 1992 after studying with OXEM group to work with groups and individuals in one to one sessions for rebuilding I have been offering courses over nearly 25 years for people to focus on rebuilding when a relationship is ending or ends.

Over the past twenty two years I have worked with hundreds of people to explore the steps we go through in either preparing to end a relationship, or when we and our partner have ended a relationship. People who have attended previous seminars and workshops have benefited at many levels in preparing a clear foundation for their future lives.

In order for more people to benefit from my work since 2013 I have been offering Virtual one to one sessions so you can work with me from the comfort of your home and you can read more by following this link to the relevant website pages.

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends - Workshop details - Related article here online.


Life transitions and as I term the focus of my professional work 'Personal Transformation' are a natural and healthy part within the unfolding stages of our life. For many such transitions are demanding both emotionally as well as psychologically and support from an experienced professional affirms the natural transitions whilst supporting the person each step of the way.

Transitions are either a part of each stage of our life such as moving from childhood into adolescence and then into early adult hood followed by middle age or some transitions result from events in our life such as the death of a loved one, loss of an important loving relationship or change of career to recovery from illness.

I work within the following specific areas of:

Bereavement -

Career changes

Growing older Ageing -

Here you can read more and listen to related recordings about how we work together in exploring life transitions in order to build your future.


Related * articles and * recordings * ONLINE COURSES


In 1989 I created a one day seminar entitled The Power of Caring. In 1988 I had met to amazing people with an equally amazing story of their love and courage in facing a life threatening illness which resulted in complete recovery. The journey embraced the key areas of my work with people and now, twenty five years later, I continue to share such work to enable people to embrace a relationship with true self. So began a series of lectures, talks, seminars, workshops and books which I created embracing this all important title.

The key elements of my life and career focus on The Power of Caring and I discovered the key factors which compose this all important focus.


Over the past thirty give years I have been training people in my role as university lecturer and clinical supervisor both during my career in the NHS as part of the MSc in Clinical Psychology as well as training nurses and doctors in hospice care and in variety of roles as visiting senior lecturer at The Royal Marsden, London and Surrey branches.

I have also worked as an International Training Consultant and had the opportunity to visit over thirty countries where I appeared before doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as media work and presentation to the general public.

All of my training programmes are composed of the following key elements to support trainees to the full. We work together as a group for from one day to two day or sometimes three day workshops. All course literature includes copies of my relevant books either in print or ebook format as well as specific training manuals, worksheet and assessment questionnaires. We also work on a one to one basis either in person or via a series of virtual online sessions as well as support through email contact. In addition I offer a series of supervision sessions after training is completed and you are working with individuals in your chosen setting.

Some training programmes also include contribution by my colleagues who are specialist in their chosen fields ranging from Clinical Psychology; Psychotherapy to Energy Work and Psychospiritual practice.

I take a whole person view and whilst psychology contribute much to such a working process I move beyond the boundaries to embrace a wider view of mind, emotion and spirit so that a firm foundation is created for the individuals personal transformation in the future.

If you or one of your colleagues are interested in learning more about the series of training programmes being offered for the remainder of 2016 and in 2017 then please send me an email to my private address


Rebuilding Relationships


These two day seminars are designed for those who wish to train in using the rebuilding model with clients either in face to face small group seminars for up to fourteen people or, as I offer, the rebuilding model can be offered on a one to one basis through individual sessions either in person or by virtual online sessions with supportive email contact, written and recorded materials for homework between sessions. .

You will need to be trained in counselling, psychology or psychotherapy and also have an understanding of group dynamics for sessions other than individual one to one.

The training involves your attending a two day seminar and then you will have one to one supervision and support from me as you develop your seminars or one to one sessions with clients.

Currently I am able to offer these training seminars here in the UK and we have plans to expand internationally according to demand.

To learn more about the training programme elements please visit the rebuilding pages here on the website.

Read more about the training programme

To discuss and receive a detailed training programme please email me at where I will then send you more information and plan a telephone discussion to answer your initial questions as well as discuss in more detail.













































































































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