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I have been working in the area of loss, transition and change since 1982 and it was in 1992 that I completed the OXEM training programme.

From a background in clinical psychology, counselling and psychotherapy spanning almost four decades I have implemented training programmes in a variety of settings from NHS, Hospice Care, Private Healthcare to national organisations including charities and support groups.

If you have not already done so you can read or listen to my audio recording of the various stages involved in the rebuilding process by following this link to the dedicated summary page of the programme here on my website: (opens in separate window)

The relationship rebuilding training programme is composed of the following:

  • a two day training workshop
  • written materials and audio recorded materials based on the rebuilding model which assesses clients to establis the stage of the rebuidling process that they have reached. For most people the first stage of denial is a difficult part of the process and so it comes as no surprise that most clients will need to complete a stages composing the three phases or modules I have created.
  • On-going support and supervision. In preparation for our training workshop we will work through each of the stages together either online via Skype or through email contact or a combination of both approaches. AFTER the training workshop we will continue contact in order to assess progress and I also offer supervision for a six month period as you create your programmes to work with clients.

There will be a total of four training programmes in 2014 and 2015. Numbers are limited 12 people per training programme. Details of costs and timescale as well as dates are included in my workshop programme which will be sent to you via email once we have made contact.

Please send an email to my email address to discuss further:



Over the past thirty five years I have been training people in my role as university lecturer and clinical supervisor both during my career in the NHS as part of the MSc in Clinical Psychology as well as training nurses and doctors in hospice care and in variety of roles as visiting senior lecturer at The Royal Marsden, London and Surrey branches.

I have also worked as an International Training Consultant and had the opportunity to visit over thirty countries where I appeared before doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as media work and presentation to the general public.

All of my training programmes are composed of the following key elements to support trainees to the full.

We work together as a group for from one day to two day or sometimes three day workshops.

All course literature includes copies of my relevant books either in print or ebook format as well as specific training manuals, worksheet and assessment questionnaires.

We also work on a one to one basis either in person or via a series of virtual online sessions as well as support through email contact. In addition I offer a series of supervision sessions after training is completed and you are working with individuals in your chosen setting.

Some training programmes also include contribution by my colleagues who are specialist in their chosen fields ranging from Clinical Psychology; Psychotherapy to Energy Work and Psychospiritual practice.

I take a whole person view and whilst psychology contribute much to such a working process I move beyond the boundaries to emrbace a wider view of mind, emotion and spirit so that a firm foundation is created for the indivduals personal transformation in the future.

If you or one of your colleagues are interested in learning more about the series of training programmes being offered for the remainder of 2014 and in 2015 then please send me an email to my private address

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Telephone: +44(0) 20 7193 2994     


Skype: stevenpaulwarren
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