Saturday 24th July 2010 - The past few months, no the whole of this year, has been one of considerable change for myself, colleagues, friends and the world at large. Six years ago I questioned the rampant consumerism based on credit cards and now we see how the surreal world has finally returned to real debt. Debt to a level that has been unknown in quite a few decades. What fuelled this lack of reason by governments allowing bankers to trade with individuals lives in such a way? Without stating the obvious, obvious to all those who stepped out of the powerful illusion created by governments, every person in the country will directly have to respond to the outcome of limited or no credit to fuel their daily lives. That consumerism lifestyles which helped people to avoid the real social isolation they experienced.

Meaning in people's lives will begin to shift from what they own to who they are. Sadly, for many, when they are asked this question they cant readily find an adequate answer. People need to be supported in a variety of ways as they journey to self.

Tuesday 27th July 2010 - It is a while since I put the blog in place here on my site and now time to return and update myself as well as others who read my blog on where I am at present.

The book is now complete and I am simply waiting for my colleague to write the preface which will mean all is complete by the middle of August and ready for publication. However, the journey since my completing the writing has been an internal mental process of preparing for the next stage of my life. No longer lecturing or running workshops or seminars for now any public appearances are simply in the form of a talk by me to the audience. Why have I elected to now only talk about psychospiritual aspects of our lives? We create our lives and so as a result of this simple but powerfully important fact no one can know more of our life and who we are.

So, with this uppermost in my mind, I have set about creating a totally different way of communicating with my audiences which is in sharp contrast to my career so far. The book has been said by the editors to be one which will create a 360 degree shift in peoples thinking, understanding of who they are what their life is really about and so, who more than anyone else should such a 360 degree shift happen than with me!

It has taken time, many months in fact, for me to leave the old images of self which often express themselves in very small discrete ways and emerge as someone who is not standing before others as a teacher, as a therapist but rather as someone who is there to share insight and understanding about life and living it to the full.

Saturday 6th August 2010 - My birthday month has begun and September always see's major change in my life so forgive me if I am more than a little excited. Although I have to admit that I had to re-energise myself this weekend after a long and demanding week.

The preface to my book will be completed by a great friend and colleague in a week or so and then the book is ready for publication. Publication is now such an out of date word given that an instant downloadable version of the book will also be prepared. Such is the magnifient power of the internet as countries grow closer together and no one can stop the connection which grows stronger between people around the globe.

13th August 2010 - I have just listened to BBC Radio 4 interview with the most remarkable woman being interviewed, Heather Pratten, whose husband and then later two sons died from Huntingtons Career. In the interview she told of her husbands demise in a psychiatric hospital here in the UK and then, later, the diagnosis and progression of the disease in her two sons. She highlighted how each son responded to their diagnosis and denerative disease. The yonger of the two who was a keen artist told his mother that he wished to die rather than attempt to live with the degenerative illness and one night whilst seated in his flat with his mother he showed her a syringe which two caring friends had given him filled with heroin. He tried to inject himself but failed and so swalled the contents falling into a coma soon after. Heather spoke of those last few hours with her son craddled on his bed in her arms. Heather reported how she fell asleep only to wake some three hours later to hear is laboured breathing. Fearful that someone might call and report what was happening in an attempt to save his life Heather took the pillow and suffocated her son. I listened to her voice as she was interviewed and I could hear the strength of her love and not just for those in her life but also for herself in receiving all that had been reflected back to her up until this point in her life.

27th August 2010 - My fifty fourth birthday and my good friend from Lisbon, Antonio, arrived on the 23rd for a week. Antonio asked me before he arrived for me to show him the real London, my London and whilst we did visit a small number of tourist places such as St Pauls; Soho and the West End he visited parts of London that few people ever find. Today Antonio said something very important to me. 'I asked you to show me your London Steve and what I have discovered is how your London isn't about places at all. No, your London is all about people. You have introduced me to real loving authentic people and how else would it be knowing the person that you really are Steve'.

1st September 2010 - The month of September begins a few days after my birthday and throughout my adult life, for as long as I can remember, the month of September has always been one of consolidating changes at many levels. I began work on the second book a few days ago and am now clear about both the structure of not just the books but the message that I wish to reflect in the people who will read and hear of my work through the various international talks currently being prepared.

7th September 2010 - With the first book now finsihed and after the advice of my two editors, I have embarked on the second book which has the running title of 'The Field of Perception'. In the first book I wanted to clearly present the view of our lives from soul expression, true self and of course resonance between our parallel lives. To have included examples of how this develops and operates in our lives would have engaged the conscious mind and ego far too much. However, in talking to people who read the book it became clear how a second book focusing on how unconscious links with our parallel lives and the flow of soul expression through a sustained connection with true self becomes a day to day reality was required.









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