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Steven is an accomplished speaker and author with a high profile on the international and national speaking circuit. With over 20 years of extensive and versatile experience as a keynote presenter, workshop and seminar facilitator, lecturer and public speaker, he is known to capture and hold the attention of his audience.

Steven engages an audience, bringing his subject to vibrant life. . By way of life stories, he gently but powerfully leads his listeners on a journey of self-discovery. He shares lessons learned from exceptional lives and focuses on the importance and practice of self-care for both our wellbeing and creation of a life which matches with who we are and what we really want.

'I feel privileged to have met this man with such a rare and special gift' Carolyn. C

I don't feel I really have words to do justice to Steven's talents I just know he has changed my life' Karen.M

'Steven talked with vision and clarity. He is in a league of his own, truly unique' Ensa.P

'You are actually enabling people towards positive help. . your openness - your willingness to share yourself and not stand above us' Group Comments

'No secret approaches or obscure ideas just a caring person, deep and intense in his beliefs with this unique charismatic warmth and unconditional understanding. His life experience in learning, sharing but overall caring in an unpretentious way just makes you feel both understood and that you are not fighting alone.' Mr. Jean. J

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