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A personal message from Steven.

     This book began life by my writing a daily quote for people who had joined an online group I created in November 2009. As the months passed and emails from members continued to arrive in my in-box I realised what a powerful impact these short, daily quotes I had created had had on my readers.

     Soon it became clear that a selection of both the existing as well as new daily quotes should be published as a small pocket book. Publication was a few weeks ago as I write the website entry and the people I have met have provided extraordinary tales of how simply opening the book at a page related to the event which had just happened to them that day.

They all agree how they eagerly await the next edition and now, spurred on with their response, I shall prepare a second book once the publication of my next book 'The Power of Caring and Your Field of Perception' is complete. I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you have read this book and so please email me your thoughts at

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

"Soul weary is when we have walked a path which doesn't fully represent who we really are."

"As we enter each season of our lives we bathe in the warmth of our summers gone, autumns of reflection and springs of revelation which bring forth the multifaceted layers of our unique being."

"To know our soul expression is to know ourselves and then to revel in the power we wait yet to express."

"Nothing other than that which you know from your heart as instruction for your mind. Allow life to be lived as experience of a greater knowing which observes life's path in all its expression."


The Power of Caring And Your Field of Perception by Steven Warren
IN PRESS Publication Date December 2010.


Section one - The Story of the Soul
In a non religious sense this title creates the foundation of this and our other parallel lives from which our energy creates and sustains our 'lives'.
Section two - On Being Real - The Power of Caring
At whatever point in our lives, for whatever reason, we will reconnect with true self, our soul expression. The power to care, firstly to discover who we really are and then to finally be in such a position to ignite such a connection and share with others our power of caring. Then we know at every level that/how we are real within this, our life. Honest with ourselves, we access all elements of true self to fuel the conscious actions in our waking world.
Section three - Being an Accidental Tourist In Our Lives
When we aren't full real we explore one important aspect of life not knowing and the voyage of discovery as others reflect back who we really are. We listen, we learn, we love, we share in relationships which are either complete or incomplete, careers which are true or false through a sea of life transitions towards discovering our own personal road map of clarity. By resisting the persuasion by human self - the Ego.
Section four - The Alchemy of Healing
Whether our healing will be expressed in recovery from illness, avoidance of illness, discovering the meaning of our pain and mental anguish, or healing in death we will understand what recovery really brings to our life. Healing into life or death. Therefore there is no blame in, illness, disease whether mental or physical as this does not define us and real self always present.
Section five - The Field of Perception
Our future self and to express courage, love and understanding in who we really are. Through making and sustaining the connection with true self and overcoming the sabotage which we and no one else creates by creating a sustained connection to find and receive the strength from true belief in true self. Opening our true self to others in sharing and rather than giving our experience of this life.
Section six - An Experiment Called Life
Is the WHY in our creating life. When we reflect on all that we have achieved so far it becomes clear we are not our body, not our mind but something far greater than the sum of our earthly being. At the end of this book there are no conclusions for I am not you and only you have all of the answers. My only question is will you dare to hear what it is you say and, if so, to act upon the wisdom of your words? At all ages, in every stage of our life we are receiving, expressing and energetically expanding. Even after our death this continues between this and our parallel life expressions and continuing physical form as there is no such thing as time to stand in the way of such union. We connect with parts of this life expression even after we are dead for this life remains accessible for all time to our parallel lives.

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