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If you wish to download a copy of e-books in Portable Document Format (pdf) then this is the right page of my site.

How to do it with ease If like me the internet can sometimes appear more than a little intimidating then I will clearly outline how to easy order, pay for your copy and download to your mobile phone; iPad or desktop or laptop computer.

Select the book that you wish to download from the selection below. Before purchase you can view a selection of the first few pages of the e-book before you buy. Once you are ready to complete your purchase then there are three easy steps involved.

Step 1 - Click on ORDER and this will take you to a separate page here on my website which will open in a new browser so place the mouse pointer near your menu if you don't see the new browser window automatically open.

Step 2 - Here on this order page you will see details of the e-book that you have selected with a PayPal (r) button where you can select the order button. Once you click once on this button you will be directed away from my website for a short while and onto the secure server operated by PayPal.

Step 3- On the secure PayPal site you can enter details of your payment for the online transaction without any worry of someone stealing your valuable financial details. Once you have completed the three simple steps as you are guided through on PayPal and payment has been made you will be directed back to my website.

Step 4 - On this page on my site you simply click the button 'download' and the pdf version will be downloaded directly to your system and appear on your system. Don't forget to click the save button so the copy of the book is safely in place on your personal mobile phone, iPad or computer.

Thank you for purchasing a copy of one of my books and please remember I look forward to hearing from you if you care to send me an email at














E-BOOK pdf Version

2nd Edition Steven Warren Publication Date: 13th August 2012.

ISBN 978-1-908587-05-03

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