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Dynamic Cognition is a part of a metaphysical philosophy which I created in 2001 with The DC Effect focusing on one essential element of my philosophy which is that of connecting with TRUE SELF. How we access and then express what we discover in our unfolding lives from a sustained connection with True Self is introduced in this recording from 2003.

Steven's book 'Dynamic Cognition - The DC Effect in Your Life' will be published later this year in March 2016 Official Website Explore how The DC Effect has been operating in your life from the moment you were born.

In preparation you can listen to the recording free here on Steven's website by visiting the RECORDINGS section for a Free Download.

The structure of the philosopy for those who wish to not just focus on the day to day elements of the DC Effect operating in our lives can be explored from the dedicated website below. This website is designed for practitioners and researchers to examine, discuss and apply in their chosen fields of practice. Official Website for The Philosophy of Dynamic Cognition which underpins The DC Effect by Steven Warren

Listen to the original recording from 2003.

Free Download
Dynamic Cognition - The DC Effect in Action

by Steven Warren
Created in 2003 based on philosophy developed by Steven Warren

| Introduction | LIFE Letting Intuition Find Expression | Crisis A Turning Point | | Development | What is The DC EFFECT | Developing The DC EFFECT | Being Goal Less | Removing Blocks to Create Flow | Who You Are |

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