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2nd Edition Steven Warren Publication Date: 10th July 2012. ISBN 978-1-908587-01-5

This book first appeared not in print but on the internet in the form of a daily quote for life's daily meaning.

By meaning I refer to the fact that every day out life unfolds another aspect or element of True Self emerges if only we stop and take the time to recognise what it is that is being reflected back to show who we really are and discover another facet of our being.

Just over a year since the publication of the first edition the new edition contains a host of new quotes for daily life.

Enjoy using this short book at many levels as your make the necessary changes to step forward to the next unfolding stages of your future life.

'a spoonful of truth each day'

'a wisdom to inspire you'


ISBN 978-1-908587-01-5

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