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2nd September 2012 - How to get involved in lots of things by working with the right people. I, like many, have traveled along many detours in my life and I can tick the boxes in regard to professional roles and well as personal detours. A colleague of mine, Bobby, has reflected much back to me in regard to my being too willing to give and the measure of such giving didn't appear to know boundaries so it was unconditional but to the detriment of my own needs. I know that some of this is true however I wish to draw a line in the sand and say that when we give there are often some future surprises which will unfold...... listen to the blog by Steven

27th August 2012 - Reflections and feedback with direction to return to one to one work as well as talks, seminars and various meeting formats..... listen to the blog by Steven

10th July 2012 - The publication of the second edition of 'Life's Meaning for Today' and my reflections. I have to admit that when I first started creating a daily quote to appear on the internet back in 2009 I never for one moment imagined what such quotes would create in an ever growing audience. An audience of people from such diverse backgrounds that I have found affirmation in my belief we are all one....... listen to the blog by Steven

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