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Steven Warren
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AND a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, Speak to us of Children.
And he said:
Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you can never visit, not even in your dreams.

Before life on earth we have a soul. Part of our soul is composed of many earthly expressions in parallel and in this life which you are aware of you created this parallel expression. The nature of the soul is unlike anything else in the universe or beyond. I might attempt to describe the soul to you on these pages but every word I would attempt to find to write would fail me. To avoid failure I will instead compare elements of the soul and soul expression to earthly ideas of which you are familiar and in doing so lead you on a journey where you will know all the answers as I outline the questions before you.

In my life I have felt the expression of my soul and the souls of others in a variety of ways, many of which will be familiar to you when you take time to quietly reflect on what I write. When I ask you to recall what it was like to fall in love for that very first time you will feel the connection with an emotion which is divine for love is among all the other emotions you have felt in your life to be the only one that is not human. When I ask you to recall a time of fear you will imagine it but be unable to recall the dimensions that such an experience provided you with at the time. You will recall an outline only and when you compare this outline of emotion with your recall of the feeling of love you will immediately see how human and therefore incomplete all other emotions really are.

Just before the end of this earthly expression which we call death your continued connection with this and other lives your soul expression created the only human experience you will be able to access will be that of love. Your fears, anger, jealousy will melt away in your mind just as your physical body will be experienced as nothing more than what it is a vehicle for the real you - your soul expression. In death no longer tied to your physical body those who live on and had known your love will be able to communicate with your continuing soul expression. But how and why? Time to understand who you are and the immortality of your soul.

Later we will explore the larger dimensions of the soul so for now let's stay with a clear understanding of how your soul creates life. We are all born to parents through their physical union. Before conception male and female are in existence in this time plane. We as a soul are about to enter this plane again at this time and in this place. An expression of your human life comes into being when a part of our soul creates this life here on earth through the moulding of physical form in the nature of our body. So does God create life? Yes, for we are all an expression of what has been termed God and in creating our body we are creating life.

Here we realise that we or God is not there to bring into being suffering. Often it is asked why a baby that is born disabled or a baby that is born only to die a short time after birth should happen. The key to examining this and other questions of apparent suffering is the value we place on life. To think of disability as the wrath of God is to value someone who is disabled as less. No person is less in terms of soul expression.

To think of the death of a baby a few hours after its birth is to value that short life as less. The value of a child who grows into adult hood is not greater, at a soul level, than a child who did not live beyond a few hours. Both lives are expression of our divinity and you would hear a parent tell you how their baby who lives on a few short hours was still as important to them in the love they experienced and continue to experience.

The mother valued that baby even if the child did not succeed in sharing years of its life experience with her here on earth. I now ask you to understand these words and stop placing value on life in that way which is common when it comes to blaming God. But to do so I recognise you will have to realise something very important about life, death and your soul. There is no life separate from the soul just as there is no death that separates us from our soul. Life and death are simple states of being and bring different forms of soul expression.

On the physical plane of energy expression - call it life - at the union of two incarnate lovers an aspect of your soul took their physical expression and moulded it to form your body. Was God involved - yes for you are and always will be an expression of God so God was present then as now in your life.

Another question before we move on. What if these two people didn't love each other and their union was apparently a question of carnal pleasure. From the soul perspective you are filled with love at the point of your creating what is termed conception. From such a perspective you realise more than these who are incarnate and in their simple expression, stripped of lust, drunkenness, whatever elements might appear to bring them together there is one core element that you saw - your love for them and what experiences for you to express and for them to receive they will provide. At some point in their lives they will remember their soul expression as the core of their being and you will share this with them at such point in time to create union of understanding.

Now a physical form known as a baby grows in the womb of one who is incarnate. Part of your soul expression occasionally links to this form and moulds its growth and development throughout the ensuing months. At the moment of birth which is a powerful physical experience, your soul expression will be in that body to know of birth. After your birth this aspect of your soul expression will leave the physical body it has created for periods of time. Throughout the remainder of your life there will be many times when you leave your physical body just as in early childhood but to a much lesser degree for most people.

Why do we require this separation from our physical body? Because it is not possible for this aspect of our soul expression to continually remain in a physical human form. Remember that your physical body is simply a small vehicle in which resides a part of your soul.

The physical body, created and then nourished for the remainder of your life through the expression of your soul element, is designed for you to have the experiences of receiving and expressing which human life can provide. Human lives are only a small but important part of your soul expression resulting in times when you unite fully with other aspects of your soul expression during periods we call sleep.

There are other times when you create such a union and some of these are conscious. Recall a time when you made love with another and touched the divine within them and yourself. Recall times of going within when listening to music, meditation, and intense peace or during a period of 'grace' and know all through connecting with the divine being you really are.

With the physical form in place your soul's expression on the journey in this life has begun once again. Day, weeks, months and then years pass and at each passing of time your soul expression weaves around it physical form, thoughts, understanding, insights and ultimately expression. In doing so we master this strange world in time and space called life and learn to both express and respond until the time is ready for our soul to finally take command. Such command may express itself early in a life whereas for others such command emerges much later. For some only hours before their earthly death.

The aspect of your soul which is incarnate in what we call life has moulded our body for a purpose but how many of you now remember in your adult life this as you progress through each day, each week, each month and every year of your life? Do you notice how wake up calls make you step into a question of meaning about who you are, where you are going and what you are both expressing achieving and receiving from others?

For many they allow their life to be only defined by their boss, their partner, children, parents and friends rather than reflect and create their own personal meaning in life. Here they allow their humanness to take complete control and define their world rather than letting their soul express fully how their life can be. This experience was designed by your soul to experience being disconnected and not knowing. So let us now understand more fully what humanness can be and celebrate our lives from a broader perspective. In doing so allow this book to provide the affirmation that you are on the right path.

Humanness is full of emotions such as pain, joy, fear, courage, achievement and finally, wonderment. No matter what age we might be we still have our breath taken away at the wonder of the world we live in. To witness the birth of a child, to contemplate the gift of life when we lose someone close to us, to witness the achievement of others and to discover our courage within. These gifts are what our life is composed of. Deep within our unconscious we know that one day our time here will end. It may end when we least expect it or we may slowly let go of life. For some at their death they will reflect on the life they have lived as well spent. For others there may be regrets about lost opportunities.

Why is it so different from one person to another? Let's answer this question by simply understanding what it is for a part of your soul to take on the mantle of being human. A wake up call is simply a clear uninterrupted connection with our soul expression unifying with our non incarnate energy so we are in complete flow.

When you are born your soul connection is still strong in that you have not learned what it is to be human. The connection with our parallel lives still exists and so we have yet to become fully aware of the parallel life we are now creating to marry with all our other lives as vechicles as aspects of our soul expression in the physical human plane. You can experience a body but have no understanding of the world around you. Remember this is an adventure and is bound by a strange imagined idea called time. As you grow you are taught about time and in doing so begin to live your life around such a structure which you share with others who believe in it. In addition to learning about time you learn many other things initially from the people around you, as you grow, from the people you meet beyond the world of the family.

These people allow you to know love, comfort and freedom. These people also introduce you to fear, they sometimes create in your anger and jealousy. You realise how slowly life progresses and that thoughts do not immediately result in change. Your childish mind gradually becomes confused and creates a challenge to your soul's full expression. What an adventure for what an experiment your choice for life has brought you.

Now let's move from childhood to where you are age wise right now in your life. Are you making sense of your current human experience and the experiences you have had so far? Are there any areas that you don't appear to have a handle on and if so what are you doing right now to gain insight? If you have dreams are they becoming real and if not why not? There is no one holding you back from achieving your dreams if they are yours and not others. Now here is an interesting thought for you and will make some of the positive power talk gurus shudder. If a part of you is holding you back from making these dreams in your mind happen could it be for an important reason - that part of you simply doesn't want or really need them.

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