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The Final Stage of My Psychic Development and Spiritual Path
Steven Warren
Sunday 16th August 1998

For much of my life I have spent a separate existence and experienced this as so at many levels of both personal and professional communication. It has not been without a mental demand however an inner spiritual sense provided me with the he resolve to achieve this position in each phase of my life here on earth.

I can recall how people I have met and at what points they came into as well as left my life. However, my recent psychic experiences leave me wishing to focus on the present rather than dwell or reconnect with past events from this life.

On Friday as a strong connection was made, a clear bridge was created between my physical; mental and etheric body and those 'on the other side' who have been my companions during this earthly life. I sensed a shift of energy within me and around not my physical but my etheric body and through the etheric connection I was lifted beyond the physical and into a spiritual dimension.

The result is a sense, which can be closely visualised as an image, which has become clearer for me in the past couple of days. Imagining my upper body the whole of my chest and abdomen has a radiating circle of energy. The energy is black or dark blue sapphire and cuts out the density of light except when I am talking or relating to someone else. At this point, if that person is in need or expressing themselves either verbally or through their energy configuration then it is as if their energy strikes across me causing the black sapphire energy within me to reflect out light blue fragments of energy. I do not know how this 'reflected' for want of a better word, energy effects them or the situation around them. I shall observe over the next week or so.

This whole area of a bridge or strong connection having been created I sense that before I was like a radio transmitter - receiving rather than giving out, either on paper or verbally, to myself and others. Now I have a sense that differently than before were I took periodic sojourns to 'the other world' Friday saw me making the connection as a part of my earthly future experience. I picked up one book on the occult at random this morning and simply opened it. This is the copy I have made from it for my records:

"Spontaneous natural psychism is the fruit of training undergone in past lives. This training is of two type; it may have been designed to produce the sybil, the watcher of the magical mirror; or it may be the result of initiation and adepthood. The former type gives the passive negative psychism and is usually found in psychics of little mentality, the latter type has invariably associated with it qualities of mind and character which show the lineage of the soul. When one who has previously been initiate has reached the point of this incarnation when he is ready to take the Path again, he is gathered back into his old Order and reinitiated."

"The fully initiated adept should have the three-fold contracts of mystic devotion, occult wisdom, and the primitive nature-forces. The spiritual, the intellectual and the elemental must be perfectly balanced in his nature, and so disciplined by the will that they are absolutely flexible to the control and judgment. The character of the adept may be summed up in one brief phrase - he is a soldier-scholar dedicated to the service of God."

Returning to the experience of not only Friday but also the ensuing couple of days since I, on Friday, was shown a connectedness which is normally as clearing crated in our minds. We are aware of in a vague event specific ways of such connectedness however this was a broad view of seeing without relation to any one event. A countries history, and individuals experience and a world expression were given to me without feeling or thought but instead simple commentary. It demonstrated to me a balance which the experiences of this life, when combined with the experiences and spiritual connection of previous lives, has created within me. I was at this point left with an awareness that I have seen what is not to be seen or shared.

People living must know little of that worldview save to glimpse what is needed by them at a precise moment in their life. My experience is not for their teaching, gain or insight but simply for my understanding and development. I recall words from the section quoted above which goes on to say ". . . When one who have previously been initiate has reached the point in this incarnation when he is ready to take the Path again, he is gathered back into his old Order and reinitiated. From that moment no more is heard publicly of his psychism."

I have to retire from much of my old life as it has been to this point in time. With the flat move on the horizon the group has disbanded. With the effort required to create a substantial business income based on the opportunities of laser and light therapy I have no time, or wish for that matter, to teach energy workshops of the like.

I still have a yearning to quietly provide readings but I feel that this is probably more of the nature of teaching rather than an hours bringing forth the persons current and future difficulties. I understand, in this context, why the business to be founded on my psychic abilities was not to happen. As well I understand my deep core reticence or rather resistance to this happening by rejecting the larger public expositions of my talents. I recall how each psychic I have consulted for personal readings has noted that I shall teach on a grand scale. However, I believe that my teaching will incorporate other elements, as I believe it has done already, as a public foil for the inner spiritual dimensions of all my past and future work.

I have seen and visited the pace of return after my death and it not from whence I came before this incarnation into this life. The demands of this life and the way in which I have found strength to carry the ordeals as well as the strength to resist the left hand path has carved a place for my souls journey beyond that which I believed I would one day in the death return to.

There is a brotherhood waiting for me of new dimensions than before and those who were familiar to me from before life with those whom I knew in this life who are dead can only sense me in the future for we shall never meet again. Their energy exists in a place so different from mine - they would know me for a short while and I trust that what was given has blessed them, nourished them on their future journey.

Some years after Robert's death he was to return to me whilst I was still available to him and tell me of his thanks for my gift which now, only in his new understanding, did he fully realise. He was to have been told or given a chance through others to see what he only could vaguely feel in outline alone during his time with me.

But as he died we were really saying good-bye for the very last time. I shall not return to this world of life ever again and there are few that know me now who will meet me again. I shall stay a while and share all that I can with a sense of balanced urgency. My nomadic feelings within my very soul which have been with me since I can remember become clearer when I grasp the realisation that I have nothing to return to once my time is over. I leave to join a brethren that for hundreds of years I have wondered about. I will not go home I will start afresh and death shall bring no rest. Death will end my separation. For my time here a bridge has been created which I shall do no wrong to break free of and my ordinance of whatever life is left will be based on such experience.






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