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Soul Purpose The Why and Then the How of Life

Sophi Buckan

World-famous psychotherapist Steven Warren brings his new seminar and workshops to London in 2014. Sophi Buckan talks to him about his unique approach to healing.

Warm, bubbly, with a twinkle in his eye and a habit of crackign jokes every other sentence, Steven Warren is a far as you could imagine from a sterotypical shrink - or, for that matter, a cultish guru. Both these latter sterotypes are liable to provoke cyncial mockery from we reserved Brits, less prone than our American cousins to go in for public soul-searcing, workshop-style.

But Steven's talks, seminars and workshops, like those staged all over the world, are a sell-out success every time; and Steven's approach, the Power of Caring, has by all accounts brought deep spiritual and emotional transformation to thousands of people - plenty of reserved Brits included.

What is it that makes the Power of Caring such a powerful agent for change and healing in so many peopl's lives?

Over 35 years working in counselling have certainly given Steven Warren an insight into the problems of the human condition and beneath his humour and informality lies a serious aim: a quest to "bring understanding of the spiritual healing aspect to the everyday person on the street". He was intially much inspired by the seminal work, The Power of Caring , he created in 1989 and his approach remains "unabashedly spiritual".

Intuition plays an important part in Steven's work. "I began to find some very quick methods for reaching into the subconscious to find the root of problems. And if you can get at the root - the whole tree grows!"

Vision, too, is vital - of life as it could be, free of old, self-destructive patterns: "If you're not living a visionary life, you're living a life dictated by the past Sophi with old, unfinished business around."

While the Power of Caring has similarities with many different parts of psychotherapy practice, there are significant differences. One is the focus on the crucial importance of relationships: "Anything that is untoward in our lives is actually a relationship problem - whether it's health, or money, or whatever."

What if someone is single Steven?

" Ah sorry Sophi I should have pointed out at the beginning my knowing one simple fact that the only relationship we will have throughout the whole of our life is with our self. Get that happy and dynamic and life flows. Here is not the how of life but rather the why and once you fully embrace the why then the how becomes so much simplier."

Another important aspect is that which Steven terms "leadership" : helping others. "there is a way of helping others that can get through any problem when you're suffering. By stepping past your problems to reach out to others , you go into flow - so leadership helps you and it helps them: everybody gets to win."

Steven and his wonderful team are preparing the next two years timetable and diary dates as we speak.


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