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Family Pictures Steven Warren

As a direct result of embarking on what was to become a series of articles in relation to my family the first world war and then closely followed by the sufragette movement nand East London rates of 1921 it has become necessary for me to create additonal pages of images here on my website.


My Grandmother, Elsie May and I around 1962


My Grandmother, Elsie May 1956

Grandmother Elsie May 1919

Grandfather William 1918

Grandfather William studying Analytical Chemistry circa 1921

Me, Steven Paul and you can just see the foot of my chimpanzee 'Charlie Boy' bottom left hand corner of this picture. I was about five years of age here.

My mother, Pamela Elsie (Right) Ann Beatrice at perhaps one year of age - Grandmother Elsie May and Janet (Jane)

Circa 1941

In the family collection and George Thomas Cressall. Not sure of the date. Any ideas?

I was an avid cricketeer in my early childhood. Aged six.

Pamela Elsie (my Mother) 1950's

Me 1963 with Buller the dog.

Gracious ladies and gentlemen. 1936 with my grandfather William and grandmother Elsie on the right.


Elsie May 1922. The photographer pulled the dress a little lower on her shoulders and my grandmother told him 'oh no you don't' . Gracious picture.



I so remember this picture being taken. Auntie Rosie is in the middle and born 1898 three years older than my grandmother who was born in 1901.



My grandmother and grandfather at the seaside and probably Brighton. I remember my grandmother telling me how their trips in the car from London to the coast were some of the happiest memories for her. All three girls were young and they used to have the windows open and sing every verse of 'Onward Christian Soliers'.

When my grandmother died and I created her funeral I talked with the vicar and said I wanted this hymn played at her funeral. I succeeded in convincing him. Her funeral was on 29th October 1987.



William aged 18 when he joined the newly established Royal Air Force to fight in the First World War. You can read more here on the website under the articles section.



Pamela and Janet sat in the garden just after my grandmother had given birth to her third daughter, Ann Beatrice with her nurse sitting with them.

My grandparents married when they were 29 and 28 and their first daughter, my mother Pamela, was born four years later in 1931. Anne born in 1938 just before the second world war began meant that my grandmother was 37 when she gave birth to her daughter.


At the sea side in Brighton wtih my mother Pamela aged one. Crica 1932.

Pamela Elsie let loose in the garden 1932

With my grandparents next door neighbour at the sea side. circa 1932

In the garden at home circa 1936 after the birth of Janet

Torquay Devon 1928 where my grandparents went on their honeymoon. In 1952 they moved to Torquay and both lived there until their deaths.

Honeymoon pictures in Torquay

At the seaside in Torquay for their honeymoon.

Honeymoon picture in Torquay 1928 and my grandfather was 29 years of age.

A walk through the countryside surrounding the beautiful coastal town of Torquay in Devon. 1928

Pop (William my grandfather) Pamela, Janet and Foque who was learning English and travel from Japan to look after my grandparents children. My grandfather also spoke Japanese and so co his teacher arranged for Fogue to stay.....

My grandfathers teacher.





At private school with one of their teachers and the headmistress. circa ? 1942

Family walk when they moved to Torquay to live around 1952.

Back home in London. Love the shoes Pop!

Haven't a clue where this picture was taken?

My grandmother and my mother and Auntie Pat who the daughter of Auntie Rosie.

London circa 1937

Pamela Elsie just under a year I would imagine? 1931-1932



















Thomas Cressall's funeral






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