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I, like many of my colleagues, owe a debt of gratitude to this amazing lady and her pioneering work not just with te dying but most importantly for the living. In 1983 I became actively involved in developing my work in primary care. My personality found it difficult to work with what many at the time termed 'the revolving door of chronicity' inherent in psychiatric care at the time. In 1981 I moved from studying neuroscience to working in psychiatry when I joined a district department of clinical psychology. The department where I was based was in the grounds of a massive Victorian psychiatric hospital and part of my duties as both clinician and manager involved covering four other hospitals with a combined total of some 15,000 plus in-patients. It was an important part of my professional development and I learned much from the experience until I began developing what were retmed primary care services in the District General Hospital.

After attending workshops and seminars some of which were with Dr Kubler-Ross I can recall, to this day, working with a 39 year old woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer. We had a total of four sessions during which time she embraced all and more. In our last session she thanked me for all that I had so accurately reflected back to her during which time she had put in place key changes which the cancer's wake up call to her life had enabled.



To Live Until You Die - Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


The Full Video which I watched back in the early 1980's and which inspired me on the path I would embark upon - working with the dying, their familiies, friends and most importantly supporting the staff, both doctors and nursing team, in their work.

Filmed in 1983, Dr. Kubler-Ross discusses end of life issues including forgiveness and the concept of unconditional love.


Elizabeth Kubler Ross


On Children and Death


Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross -


On Spirituality









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