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Body and Soul Life and Death What are the Facts I talk about Sarah and her book which so greatly influenced me when I was a student studying psychology entitled 'Will, My Son' and now, as I prepare to release the ebook version my research shows that she has written another book.

A successful author and journalist Sarah detailed how the birth of her handicapped son brought shock and disappointment to her, her husband and grand parents. However as Will short life unfolded her reflected back to her a new dimension of simple love, simple caring and the most important gift to these adults life. A gift of seeing beyond what we suppose life is at every level.

Some eighteen years after the death of her son she write about In 1981, Sarah Boston published the award-winning "Will, My Son: The Life and Death of a Mongol Baby", in which she told the story of the birth, the nine-month-long life and the death of her son Will, born with Down's syndrome. The book served as a catalyst to debate about disability, maternal grief and medical practice. This book celebrates what would have been Will's 18th birthday. Written in the same style, this book looks at what has and has not changed in the last two decades in society's attitudes to Down's syndrome, to infant death and to maternal grief.

The author looks at the effect of the publication of the first book on her and her family, at the couple who decided to adopt a Down's baby after reading it, at the "burden of preciousness" her daughter has carried, at current issues of ante-natal testing and medical practice and, crucially, at the longevity of grief. Too Deep For Tears

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